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Stone Soup Global Leadership (see the website) is a new model of collaborative leadership helping society adapt to today’s global challenges which are more cross-sector, more cross-border, at a larger scale, and which require a faster response. The global financial crisis, environmental degradation, rapid urbanization, social unrest from wealth and religious gaps, and a rise in contagious diseases are just a few examples.  Stone Soup's model of leadership is flexible, facilitative and transformational; it empowers individuals and organizations to collaborate for the common good. 

Stone Soup Leaders use soft skills to catalyze collective action and help society adapt to and address today's global challenges.  By sharing key lessons from current successful Stone Soup Leaders and their organizations, we can enable many more individuals and organizations to accelerate innovation on society's greatest challenges.  

See Peggy Liu, JUCCCE Chairperson, discuss Stone Soup Global Leadership in this video. 


Today's global problems require more coordinated collaboration across a variety of organizations, spanning different sectors and geographies.  A key ingredient for societal change is the need to involve cross-sector, cross-border stakeholders who typically have different incentives for participating.  The world needs more leaders who have the skills and capability to mobilize a virtual group to create measurable change. Stone Soup addresses five challenges:

  • Society generally tends towards incremental change or simply maintaining the status quo
  • Today's global challenges are more cross-sector and cross-border, and require faster, more coordinated responses
  • 20th century leadership skills are not sufficient to address 21st century challenges
  • A lack of centralized leadership in society makes it difficult to coordinate change
  • Without coordination, society is stuck in the "Tragedy of the Commons"

Today's societal leaders tend to spring up serendipitously. Stone Soup Global Leadership asks the question: can we identify and nurture more individuals to increase the pace and scale of societal change?


This leadership model is named after the story of Stone Soup. Watch Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE, tell the Stone Soup Fable and explain how it relates to global leadership today.

Once upon a time, there was a traveler who happened upon a small, poor village. She was tired and hungry from her travels, but none of the villagers were willing to give her bread to eat or a place to rest. So she started a fire in the middle of the village and filled a pot with water. To the boiling water, she added a stone. Curious villagers asked her what strange concoction she was making. "Soup from an award-winning family recipe," she said, "and I’d be happy to share some with you when it’s done.” So the villager sat down and chatted, eagerly awaiting a bowl. After a taste, the traveler said, “It’s tasting good, but I think it’s missing some onion.” So the villager eagerly brought a leftover onion to add to the soup. One by one, curious villagers added bones, potatoes, beans and other ingredients. In the end, the village and the traveler shared a delicious meal together. A meal which none of the villagers could have made alone was possible because the traveler inspired everyone to work together towards a common goal. 


Using real-life examples and case studies from successful social entrepreneurs and global leaders, our goal is to:

  • Outline key "Stone Soup" skills that 21st century leaders need to successfully operate across organizations, sectors and borders
  • Leverage existing Stone Soup leaders' experiences via video story-telling and training program development
  • Provide access to skill sets and tools via on-line content and in-person training sessions to engage and enable a new wave of collaborative global leadership

Help us find and make more Stone Soup Leaders!

This idea was hatched in January 2010 by JUCCCE and nurtured in a task force in conjunction with Global Genesis.
In January 2011, the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders network launched it at Davos as a framework for incubating a new style of leadership that will help shape our future.

For more information on the Stone Soup initiative, please email co-chair Valerie Keller <>.


  • WEF YGL Co-Chairs: Peggy Liu and Valerie Keller
  • WEF YGL Staff:  David Aikman, John Dutton, and Shun Nagao
  • Deb Kemper, former Executive Director, Stone Soup
  • Sanjeev Khagram, iScale and YGL
  • Ananda Siregar and Jeganathan, web design
  • Adolfo Franco, filmmaker
  • Genevieve Taylor, Global Genesis
  • Calvin Chin, Qifang and YGL
  • New Leaders Group: Wendy Wu and Natalie Roitman
  • Peter Bisanz, Entropy Films and YGL
  • Hallvarsson & Halvarsson team:  Martin Petersson, Dag Söderberg, & Martin Behm
  • Scott Weber, Interpeace and YGL
  • Oliver Niedermaier, King Worldwide and YGL, visual arts
  • Leanne Gluck, JUCCCE
  • Jim Chapman, Foley & Lardner
  • Fern Lim, Eliam Design
  • Max Kemper, video editor
  • Ryan Hoover

JUCCCE extends its sincerest appreciation to the World Economic Forum and the Young Global Leaders who have contributed their stories including:

  • Amir Jahangir: Chief Executive Officer and Puruesh Chaudhary; Director Content, Mishal Pakistan
  • Adam Werbach: CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi S
  • Arthur Mutambara: Deputy Prime Minister, Zimbabwe
  • Coen van Oostrom: Chief Executive Officer, OVG Real Estate
  • David Aikman: Senior Director, Head of The Forum of Young Global Leaders,World Economic Forum
  • Dennis Karpes: Co-founder and Director, NAGA foundation; Founder, Dance for Life
  • Enric Sala: Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society
  • Felix Maradiaga: Director; Civil Society Leadership Institute at Movimiento por Nicaragua
  • Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt: Vice Minister of Finance, Mongolia Ministry of Finance
  • H.R.H. Crowne Prince Haakon of Norway: Global Dignity
  • Kohey Takashima: Chief Executive Officer, Oisix Inc.
  • Lucian Tarnowski: Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
  • Lorna Solis: Founder & CEO, Blue Rose Compass
  • Ozlem Denizem: Executive Vice-President, Dogus Strategy, Dogus Holding AS
  • Peggy Liu: Chairperson, JUCCCE
  • Peter Lacy: Managing Director, Sustainability Services at Accenture EALA
  • Scott Gilmore; Executive Director, Peace Dividend Trust
  • Sheila Lirio Marcelo: Founder and CEO,

Thank you to storytellers across the globe who have shared the fable of Stone Soup with generations of children and adults.