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Here are the backstage secrets

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This book and class are made up of exercises that will help you master 

So, accompanying this book, I've made a  Mastermind class for you to learn more and to really be able to step into the exercises.

Answer these few easy questions to have a  personal chat  with me about how the Mesmerize the Media package can help elevate your presence.

I found that women need accountability with a women cohort to cheer each other on, and to create a safe space for letting your voice rise.

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my backstage secrets.

Step 1: Mainstream Your Message

Step 2: Be the Media's Go-To Guru Gal

Help the media repeat your message. In Chapter 4, I will discuss how to craft media-ready messages that are energetic arrows to engage people’s hearts. I will explain my A-R-R-O-WTM formula:

  • Accessible, 

  • Repeatable, 

  • Relatable, 

  • Ownable, and 

  • Welcoming. 

In Chapter 5, I will teach you my A-R-I-S-ETM formula raises your recognition in the media as an expert. This stands for: 

  • Awards, 

  • Referrals, 

  • Insight bites, 

  • Style, and

  • Easy-to-find. 

Master my 7 steps

Step 3: Seven Steps To Mesmerize the Media

Chapter 6 will teach you how to help the media be fascinated by you. This is how you step up from being an informational speaker to a public persona. We will focus here on three C’s: 

  • Craft a cohesive personal brand, 

  • Carve out new niches, 

  • Connect champions

Step 4: Be Memorable

Your appearance makes up seventy percent of your success in the media. In Chapter 7, we will discuss how to use your appearance to help the audience remember what you say. I will cover the basics of creating a signature style. This is how you step up from being a persona to a memorable persona.

Step 5: Shine Across the Media Multiverse

In this chapter, I will push you to think more broadly about the different media formats available to you. I will talk about how to strategically package your personal brand for different media channels. 

Step 6: Jedi Your Audience

Step 6 is about connecting with your audience using Jedi-like control. I will give you a completely different way to look at charisma and connecting with audiences. This is a key to stepping up from being an inspirational speaker to a transformational speaker.

Step 7: Master your Mindset

A warm and confident tone makes up twenty percent of your success in the media. In Chapter 10, I will give you tools to move from fear to confidence. I’ll explain how the media is a magnifying glass for how aligned you are in your life. 

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