China has been busy building skyscrapers for showcases, highways for cars, factories for industries. But where is our human city? Since 2009, JUCCCE has trained over 900 mayors, central government officials, and state owned enterprise executives on how to build sustainable cities.

The Effect of Rapid Urbanization in China

JUCCCE has trained over 900 mayors, central government officials, and state owned enterprise executives on how to build sustainable cities. Our students lead a combined population of over 500 million people and run some of the largest companies in the world. JUCCCE creates training programs in partnership with the National Academy for Mayors in China (NAMC) under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, the Central Organization Department, the China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong (CELAP), and the Chinese Academy of Governance. JUCCCE develops curriculum for these academies, with topics covering eco-livable cities, climate resilient city design, energy master planning, green finance, transportation, green building, municipal waste and water treatment, eco-heritage tourism, low carbon lifestyle, and other sustainability topics.





Government Training Program:

Special thanks to US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, National Academy for Mayors of China, China Executive Leadership Academy of Pudong, Chinese Academy of Governance, McKinsey, Urban China Initiative, Naked retreats, GE, Philips Lighting, Moet Hennessey, Coke, Incom, World Bank, Haworth, Clinton Global Initiative, Covanta, Alliance to Save Energy, WWF, BSR, Shui On Land, Owens Corning, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Swiss RE, Lend Lease, Marks and Spencer, Unilever, Augmentum, Arup, ZED, Shanghai Tongji University Sino-Finnish Center, City of Seoul, City of London, City of New York.


Thanks to Rit Agrawala, Michael Bloomberg, Christine Chen, Ruby Chen,  Grant Horsfield, Steve Hammer, Holly Cheng, River Lu, Shayla Yin, Peter Yan, Lucy Huang, Song Yan Ping, Wang Zhong Pin, Yiwei Chen, Yang Fuqiang, Laura Lesker, Tommi Tiidus, Tyler Moragne, Roy Graff, Su Yunsheng, Jonathan Woetzel, Haimeng Zhang, Li Bingbing, Tom McCawley, Rocky Anderson, Nicky Gavron, Yan Nai Ling, Calvin Xu, Phoebus Xu, Delphine Yip, Yan Nai Ling, Chris Megrue, Su Yunsheng, all our lecturers, all our volunteers.


Eco-Heritage Project:

Thank you to Reena Gordon, Roy Montibon, Delphine Yip-Horsfield 叶凯欣, Christine Chen, Roy Graff, Chinese Executive Leadership Academy of Pudong 浦东干部学院, Warren Smith,  Christine Chen, Lucy Huang,  naked Retreats 裸心谷, studio Shanghai, Manuela Zoninsein, Yan Nai Ling, Grant Horsfield 高天成, Gabriela Lo 卢家宝, Wendy Zhao 赵慧婷, Wenwei Ren 任文伟.


New Urbanization Council Co-Chairs:

Thanks to Dr. Wu Zhiqiang of Tongji University, Dr. Yu Kongjian of Turenscape, David Nieh of Lend Lease, and Peggy Liu of JUCCCE.

Greening China Together


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