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Corporate Partnership


Corporate Partnership

Why sustainability?

Global warming and climate change rank among the most important crises facing humanity today. If we don't switch to sustainable solutions in energy usage, urbanization, and consumerism, we will soon face a global catastrophe. Finding sustainable solutions is the key to fighting climate change.


According to Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming, sustainable practices in food consumption alone account for 8 of the top 20 ways to reverse global warming.


That's why we're focusing on Food Heroes.

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Why is JUCCCE special?

JUCCCE is special because we are a chameleon organization. Our unique strength is our ability to convene and activate high-level influencers across all sectors. Through the leveraging of our far-reaching global network of leaders and doers, we are able to accomplish everything from initiating an energy-efficient lighting installment initiative in China to training 1000 Chinese mayors on sustainable urbanization practices.


We are the leading force behind the greening of China and the world. We are good for you and for the planet.


Our Expertise


Global Experts

have contributed to our curriculum and dietary guidelines.



have helped make our teaching activities intuitive and easy to implement in classrooms.



have play-tested our activities for engagement.



have been exposed to Food Heroes as a parenting tool for eating behavior.

Our Curriculum Partners

We have:

Tested activities for engagement with >1 M children in various channels (schools, learning centers, workshops, educational magazines)

Worked with China’s leading parenting show, Supernanny to expand Food Heroes

Worked with supershow Peppa Pig to create co-branded materials

Worked with gamification leader Octalysis on play-based education

Launched for teachers to download activities for free

Worked with the leading cross-discipline team of experts on sustainable eating

Partnership with the UN 10YFP and OPN
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Partnership Options

Food Hero


Partner receives Food Heroes materials for employees, expert consultation on sustainable practices and credit online and through social media.

Green Diet Champion


Partner funds Food Heroes classroom kits to the area of their choosing. Partner receives Food Heroes materials for employees and consultation on sustainable practices. Corporate recognition on website and joint press release.

Sustainable Eating Superhero


Custom-designed Food Heroes materials made with Partner's name and logo available to employees and local schools. Invitations sent to JUCCCE annual events. JUCCCE will plan several yearly events on sustainable eating targeted at all employees. Corporate recognition on website and joint press release.

Named Sponsorship

With a full long-term named sponsorship, your organization receives recognition as a thought leader in the worldwide sustainability community.

Your logo will be featured on Food Heroes educational products. Food Heroes will also provide recognition on website, on mobile app, and at all events. We will coordinate with your HR department for regular events on sustainable eating and health for employees and children of employees.

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