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Sustainability Advising

As an advisor, Peggy provides:

Access to JUCCCE's extensive network in China and abroad.

Comprehensive knowledge of China’s environmental industry.

Insights on how to align social responsibility and company priorities.

Best practices on sustainable business methods.

Management of industry disruption as the world moves towards sustainability.

Sustainable Product Development

Facing a new wave of sustainable consumers, businesses must meet higher green standards and start positively contributing back to society.

Sustainability Guidance

We help you build strategic campaigns for your organization to fulfill Paris Climate goals and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), helping you improve Corporate Social Responsibility.

Product Innovation

Assisted rapid prototyping to effectively develop new, innovative, and sustainable products, appealing to green consumers and millennials.

China Market Expertise

Market Entry Strategy

JUCCCE’s global staff provide the skills to help you smoothly transition to an otherwise confusing Chinese market.

Immersion Workshops on Consumer Trends

Interactive workshops on the changing trends in consumerism related to sustainability in China.

Product Ideation Workspaces

Events, including hackathons, to help create products suitable for the ever-changing China market.

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