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Pakistan Dream

Pakistan 2047 is an informal network of Pakistanis seeking to create a better more livable Pakistan by its 100th Birthday in collaboration with Pakistan Innovation Foundation. Through conducting a special workshop based on the Shape the World curriculum, JUCCCE facilitated the beginning of making the Pakistani dream a reality.

86 Participants, 3 Hours, 1 Dream

You can watch or listen to the recordings here



Many thanks to the following people and organizations who made this event happen.

Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE)

Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF)


From Pakistan:

Athar Osama, Founder and Chief Executive at PIF

Imran Zia

Mueen Batlay

Dr. Nadeem ul Haque, Vice Chancellor at PIDE

Zujaja Khalid

In alphabetical order:



Annie Dong

Chioma Ugwonali

Kate Bradley

Louison Sall

Olivia Yang

Sarah Xu

You can find more information on the Pakistani Dream Facebook page.

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