In 2007, as China was set to become the world's largest energy consumer, it began a search for ways to go green.

We focus on China-wide programs that affect thought leaders from around the world. 

To make a lasting impact, we push on acupressure points.

Utilize China’s unique ability to innovate, adapt and popularize change. 

China can commercialize technology and sustainable practices entire cities at a time.

Sustainability is about navigating complex systems. We work across borders, disciplines and organizations to create systemic change.

The shift towards sustainable consumerism requires a dynamic network between global leaders, countries and sectors.

We are unique in the way we use marketing; the media is our leverage for greening China.

In an increasingly connected world, entertainment and mass media have ever growing influences on public opinion.
To make a lasting impact, we need to speak to hearts instead of numbers.
We are a bridge between experts and everyday people.
JUCCCE is at the heart of greening China, and our interns are at the heart of JUCCCE.
Our decade-long history has cemented our status as one of the leading internship programs in China.  

Greening China Together


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