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2007 - 2020

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In 2007, as China was set to become the world's largest energy consumer, it began a search for ways to go green.

At the first public dialogue on clean energy between US and Chinese government officials in 2007, participants from both sides called for more programmatic collaboration between China and the U.S.

Joint US-China Collaboration for Clean Energy (JUCCCE) was founded by Peggy Liu along with Steve Papermaster (US President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology) and Jiang Zhaozu (National Development and Reform Commission of China) to serve as the bridge between the two countries.

Ten years later, this is what we've learned.

Societal-Scale Change

We focus on China-wide programs that affect thought leaders from around the world. 


To make a lasting impact, we push on acupressure points.

In traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is a method of applying pressure to key points on the body in order to alleviate illness. 

By searching for the perfect intersection between the influential decision makers and situations with great potential, we execute our agenda precisely to unleash systemic change.

These changes then provide the momentum driving our projects and initiatives. Change is binary. You either make an impact at a societal-scale or you don’t. That’s what drives our philosophy of aiming to facilitate systemic, society-scale change within three years.​

China Scale, China Pace

Utilize China’s unique ability to innovate, adapt and popularize change. 

China can commercialize technology and sustainable practices entire cities at a time.

We coined the phrase China Scale, China Pace to represent China’s remarkable capacity as a city-scale lab for innovation. Our organization’s impact on global environmental protection is maximized by utilizing and leveraging this China Scale, China Pace. We believe China can lead the world in demonstrating the success of new green solutions.

Collaborative Leadership
Sustainability is about navigating complex systems. We work across borders, disciplines and organizations to create systemic change.

The shift towards sustainable consumerism requires a dynamic network between global leaders, countries and sectors.

To facilitate this collaboration, our organizational structure has remained nimble and synergetic over the past decade.


Through our China Energy Forums and Government Training projects, we recognized that providing a platform where innovative partnerships could be developed was the key to a sustainable future. We are a megaphone for our partners. We bring people together to stimulate transformations beyond ourselves: 1 + 1 = 11.  When all our voices come together, we create the momentum needed to green the world.

Leveraging the Media

We are unique in the way we use marketing; the media is our leverage for greening China.

In an increasingly connected world, entertainment and mass media have ever growing influences on public opinion.

Using marketing strategies in a technical field puts us in a unique position to communicate our systemic changes. Associating our projects with current media blitzes and celebrities leads to widespread support for clean energy and environmental topics. From the Discovery Channel to BBC, from The Economist to Vogue, we have created a network of people to carry our message. 

Telling a Story
To make a lasting impact, we need to speak to hearts instead of numbers.
We are a bridge between experts and everyday people.

Jargon-centered language pervades talk about sustainability. To combat this, we retell the story of sustainability by intertwining our environmental message with the experiences of everyday people.

We elicit a much stronger response from the public through storytelling than by bombarding them with cold, hard facts. We’ve learned from voice coaches, ad agencies, and indigenous story tellers - people not usually associated with sustainability - to touch people's hearts. We want everyone to show love and care for the environment, so we start by loving and caring for them first.

JUCCCE is at the heart of greening China, and our interns are at the heart of JUCCCE.
Our decade-long history has cemented our status as one of the leading internship programs in China.  

We involve our interns in every part of our organization from event management to curriculum development. They get the chance to network with a wide variety of environmental leaders. In the short span of time provided by an internship program, our interns are able to make a tangible impact on society. 

Beyond the internship experience, our alumni remain tightly connected and many utilize their environmental leadership abilities in different sectors. Once a JUCCCEr, always a JUCCCEr!

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