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Widely regarded as one of the best internships in China, our interns are able to make a tangible impact on society in a short period of time. JUCCCE offers an excellent platform for like-minded young people to pursue their passion for greening our planet. Through our internships, our interns grow as individuals and form long-lasting friendships around the world.

Internship Positions

Internship Positions

Note: Due to COVID-19 all internships are currently remote

Brush Strokes Anzac Day Instagram Post (
Brush Strokes Anzac Day Instagram Post (

* Open to high schoolers too*




JUCCCEr Spotlights

Jesse Chang

Diana Lee

Finola Hackett

Elizabeth Campbell

Chenyu Zheng


Latoya Abulu

Past Interns' Schools

Our students come from schools all around the world such as:


Princeton University · Harvard University · Stanford University · Yale University · University of Pennsylvania · University of Chicago

Georgetown University · UC Berkeley · UC San Diego · University of Wisconsin · New York University · Swarthmore College 

University of Oxford · Imperial College · University College London · Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales

University of Melbourne (Australia) · University of Auckland · Tsinghua University · Fudan University · Tongji University

Cover photo by Roman Benbihy

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