Lessons Learned
Defining Success
Smart Grid

From these projects, we learned that instead of working with a narrow scope, we should instead work with a wide scope and focus on inspiring systemic, reverberating change, which is critical to our Government Training program

Government Training

Since 2009, we have also developed various government training programs where we teach topics ranging from eco-livable cities and eco-heritage tourism to climate resilient city design and low carbon lifestyles. Through these programs, we have trained over 900 Chinese mayors, central government officials, and state-owned enterprise executives, who lead a combined population of over 500 million people and run some of the largest companies in the world.  

Food Heroes

To further develop the sustainable lifestyle imagined in the China Dream, we created Food Heroes in 2013. Just as JUCCCE bridges cultures and brings people together to combat environmental issues, food connects people in the same way. We believe that the way we eat has the potential to have a transformative impact on the environment. Our Food Heroes program educates people about sustainable nutrition and mobilizes them as the key players in environmentalism. When we view sustainability through the lens of food, everyone can be an environmentalist.

While we had great successes in transforming China’s infrastructure, we had yet to inspire people to take initiative and create a greener China themselves. The use of jargon-centered language in discussions about sustainability did not resonate with the general public. This, in turn, did not affect their attitude towards the environment.

China Dream

The China Dream was born out of this realization. In our three- year project, we created a framework to redefine the language of sustainability as a language of prosperity and national identity. We held workshops throughout China and the world to define the China Dream and empower leaders who helped shape and spread the dream. By bringing together a coalition of marketers, artists, and role models, we championed a reimagined and prosperous yet sustainable lifestyle throughout China as a vision for its future.