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JUCCCE Kick-Off Session

After its founding, JUCCCE hosted an official kick-off session spanning July 18 and 19. China and U.S. energy sector leaders gathered for our launch and together, we discussed action plans and goals clean energy development in China.

The two-day series of discussions during our event brought together for the first time a network of cross-border leaders from government, industry, the investment community, research institutes, media and other groups.

Speakers included Jiang Zhaozu, vice chairman of the Investment Association of China, Steve Papermaster, co-chair of the Energy Committee, U.S. President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (US PCAST) for the Bush administration, Rob Watson, father of the LEED green building standard and Gary Nieman, vice president and managing director of Owens Corning Building Solutions Asia Pacific.

In the words of Papermaster, “JUCCCE has the potential to dramatically accelerate the clean energy and environmental agenda of China – and the U.S. – and therefore the world”. The coming together of JUCCCE is only the beginning of a dialogue which could transform energy in China, and we look forward to creating a great impact in the future.

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