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EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum 2017

Peggy Liu was invited to speak at the EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum 2017 in Indonesia. This conference was the first EAT forum focused specifically on Asia-Pacific food systems and was modeled after the EAT Stockholm Food Forum. Over 500 of the brightest politicians, scientists, chefs, activists, and business executives attended the forum in October. The two-day conference discussed solutions to food-related challenges in the Asia-Pacific region with topics including food education, a pathway to food security, sustainable food sources, the role of businesses in food issues, sustainable land use, and more.

Peggy spoke about JUCCCE’s Food Heroes Program and its ability to reverse climate change and reduce health issues such as diabetes and obesity, especially in kids. Food Heroes is a food education for children and has reached one million kids in China while slowly spreading to other countries. In addition to classroom education, Peggy mentioned monthly subscription boxes for families allowing them to turn their homes into a “Food Heroes adventure land”.

During her speech, Peggy introduced the very first Food Hero flashcards translated into Bahasa English, showing that the program can be universal and taught around the world. Food Heroes partnered with EAT Forum participant Food Hall, a gourmet food store in Indonesia, to translate and localize Food Heroes content in Bahasa. Food Heroes was able to give away many decks of flashcards in Bahasa to conference participants and stakeholders in Indonesia and Southeast Asia's food and sustainability sector.

Watch Peggy’s speech here and learn how food education can make an impact:

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