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RoundSquare Conference Beijing 2018

One of JUCCCE's main beliefs is that the key to sparking change is by educating the future generation of entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators. As such, it was an honor for Peggy Liu, JUCCCE's chair, to be invited to deliver the opening keynote presentation at the RoundSquare Conference in Beijing last April. The Conference, titled Daring to be a Force of Nature, invited motivated and ambitious students from international schools all across Asia to learn about the importance of developing sustainable habits and to seek out innovative solutions to the world's environmental problems. The intensive six-day long gathering was composed of workshops, speeches by notable guests speakers, community action and cultural visits, with the aim of opening the minds of the attendees whilst also developing crucial skills such as leadership and communication.

In her speech, Peggy introduced the different ways in which JUCCCE has been a catalyst for sparking advancements in renewable energy and sustainable habits within China. Her speech covered China’s 10-year plan for promoting renewable energy, JUCCCE’s work on making China’s electric grid system more efficient, the self-coined term “China’s Dream” and the Food Heroes Program.

Each segment served to show how JUCCCE has played a central role in the greening of China and how each small initiative has benefited the nation. The presentation also showed how critical transnational co-operation between the world’s two superpowers, China and the United States, could be for the future of renewable energy and sustainability. The presentation was a huge success amongst the students, and many walked away with a better understanding of China’s role in shaping the future of renewable energy and the actions that can be taken to achieve a more sustainable world.

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