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Peggy at the Astana EXPO Future Energy Forum

The Astana EXPO 2017 Future Energy Forum is a gathering of key players from nations all around the world to collaborate and speak on shifting our world's reliance on non-renewable resources to a more sustainable energy source. Kazakhstan, a country in the process of making that shift, hosted the 12 week conference at their capital. Each week different speakers talked about a specific topic that related to the overall theme of solving the world's energy challenges. Peggy Liu was invited to the forum on the 11th week as a keynote speaker and a panelist to talk about how China, with the help of JUCCCE, is greening.

The topic of the 11th week was the international economy and policy in environmental protection. Peggy's keynote speech touched on how to achieve a future where our planet is healthy and green. Peggy shared her opinions on the 4 keys to this future world:

1. Having a clear solution

2. Working together across countries

3. Creating a shared purpose for the cause

4. Using human energy to connect the whole process together

Click the link to watch Peggy's speech and learn how you help change the future:

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