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Musician TBird Luv Shows Us the Power of Music

Here at JUCCCE, we believe that music plays a key role in stimulating children’s minds, which is why we aim to incorporate music into our Food Heroes curriculum. To learn more about the power of music, we invited Tonya Ridgely, better known as TBird Tall Flame Luv, to our JUCCCE headquarters to talk to us and give us a demonstration of her unique technique of conveying emotions through music.

TBird is unique in that she has a solid background in classical music and uses that to combine traditional flute techniques with new and diverse methods of expression. Specifically, TBird is very strongly influenced by Mother Nature and often imitates the sounds of the natural environment using her flute and her voice. Further, her ability to captivate audiences and allow them to explore their own personalities through music is truly stunning.

Undoubtedly, TBird put this all on full display with an impromptu performance in our JUCCCE office. From the very first note, all of us were enthralled by TBird’s playing. Starting with a conventional yet eerie melody, she progressed to a series of rapid breathing and vocalizations, producing sounds on the flute that none of us had ever heard before. The hypnotizing melodies she produced, which mimicked the sounds of birds and other wildlife, truly made all of us feel like we were sitting in the middle of the forest. These sounds progressed until she ended her performance with the growl of a catbird. We were all thoroughly enraptured by TBird’s performance and learned so much about the power of music and its effect on people from her! We look forward to having TBird as a musical guest at future events for JUCCCE.

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