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Musical Healing Workshop with Mina Lee

JUCCCE has always been interested in the connection between personal and planetary health. We believe in the power of music in promoting both types of health: it possesses therapeutic qualities and brings people together.

At the Nanjing Road nakedHub, we invited musical healer, Mina Lee to lead a Mindfulness Music Medicine session on June 28. Our friend, Tbird Luv, who is also a musical healer and an incredible musician joined us not only to experience Mina Lee's musical journey herself, but also to complement Mina with her own musical leadership abilities!

This event drew a group of attendees from all ages and many different backgrounds. The 2 hour event spanned the perfect time of day to capture the darkening sky, visible from all sides of the glass-walled room. As the evening progressed from late afternoon, to sunset and then nightfall, each individual experienced emotions and discovered ways to release frustrations or celebrate successes through music. All were actively engaged in the session and were united as they explored mindfulness and music together.

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