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Peggy at The Economist Innovation Summit 2017

JUCCCE's main mission is to catalyse societal scale change in rapidly developing community and there is no better way of achieving this than through innovation. As a result, when invited to be interviewed at The Economist Innovation Summit in Hong Kong earlier last year, Peggy Liu, JUCCCE's chair, was overjoyed. The Summit, which attracted over 200 Fortune 500 CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs, discussed the future of innovators in Asia and how technological advancements, coupled with the rise of artificial intelligence, would shape businesses and markets in the region. The summit was headlined by distinguished speakers such as Caesar Sengputa, Vice President at Google, and Tom Standage, Deputy Editor at The Economist.

In her interview, Innovating Tomorrow, Peggy discussed how she had been able to promote progress in business and policy throughout her professional career, specifically through the numerous initiatives launched by JUCCCE. She focused on the role women can have in the new market for artificial intelligence, how crucial it was to visualise reality through the lens of innovation and the importance of designing innovation around human to human interactions. The highlight of her interview came near the end when she challenged the women attending the conference to play the role of torchbearers in helping pave the way for other women to take up more prestigious roles in finance and technology. "Women actually are the key to managing the disruption that is to come, that is happening already. And so by empowering women, we can actually help weather the tsunami, ride the crest of the tsunami we are on, so innovation is great but we need to take in account the consequences of our innovation, we need to have women at the heart of managing that implementation, the scale of it."

In addition, she was also one of the three judges on the panel for “The Tiger’s Liar: Entrepreneurship Challenge”, a shark-tank like challenge whereby aspiring entrepreneurs have three minutes to pitch their business idea to the three panellists. Through this she was able to give insightful constructive feedback to each contestant and impart suggestions and lessons she had learnt from her experience in the world of marketing and business.

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