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Sustainable Finance and Global Leadership

On June 22nd, JUCCCE hosted a dialogue on Sustainable Finance and Global leadership between our chair, Peggy Liu, and Leslie Maasdorp, as part of the PWC You Plus Leadership Series. Over 100 attendees came to witness a world-leading sustainable investor and a top environmentalist discuss a variety of environmental and social issues relevant to China and the entire world.

Leslie Maasdorp is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the New Development Bank, a new bank intending to mobilize the development of emerging economies. A defining feature of this bank is its commitment to sustainability and clean energy, as described by Leslie Maasdorp.

Our event was opened by musical healer and professional flautist, Tbird Luv, whose improvised music welcomed the audience and transformed the Xikang Road nakedHub venue. The conversation encompassed a great number of topics including Leslie Maasdorp’s upbringing and involvement in ending Apartheid in South Africa, China’s One Belt One Road initiative and energy efficiency. Audience members were engaged in a thorough and well-informed Q & A session at the end of the talk. After a closing flute performance by Tbird, PWC’s You Plus members, JUCCCErs, New Development Bank employees and other attendees enjoyed the coffee and tea available and made many new connections before departing.

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