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Peppa Pig and Food Heroes Pop-ups

Pegga Pig and JUCCCE partnered up to promote the Food Heroes program in July and August of 2017. Throughout the two months, collaborative pop-ups appeared at major retail destinations in Shanghai with hundreds of children and parents participating in them. The booth games and activities at the event featured the popular children’s cartoon Pegga Pig and were variations on games in the Food Heroes curriculum. Food Heroes staff, including summer interns, facilitated the booth games, helped children and their parents, and taught everyone at the event about healthy eating. The pop-ups were successful at engaging a large number of young children and their parents and teaching them the importance of food nutrition.

If you are interested in hosting family-friendly events similar to this one, please get in touch with JUCCCE. We are more than happy to do Food Heroes pop-ups or anything else related.

Parents playing with their children at the pop-up using Food Heroes Flashcards

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