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JUCCCE Hosts Mayoral Training Discussion

Due to a dramatic increase in China’s energy use over the past few years, large scale innovative partnerships to develop more energy efficient strategies for cities are in high demand. JUCCCE facilitated and initiated the first steps towards developing these partnerships through a Mayoral Training Discussion on July 24.

At the discussion, we brought together industry leaders from various multinational corporations who can deploy energy products and services in China, as well as mayors from all over China. Attendees learned how companies can work closely with Chinese mayors on city-level energy efficiency programs. Distinguished speakers included David Gossack, the Principal Commercial Officer of the U.S. Commercial Service; Professor Steve Hammer, Director of the Urban Energy Program at Columbia University; and our very own Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE. Due to our Mayoral Training discussion, we are well on our way to helping China’s mayors develop an actionable energy plan for the future.

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