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Virtual Earth Day Presentation on Smart Grid

On April 22, our chairperson Peggy Liu spoke at the Virtual Earth Day 2009 Smart Grid Panel, hosted by Cisco. Peggy, along with three other panelists, participated in presentations of the their respective ideas on Smart Grid before joining in a discussion about Smart Grid. In particular, Peggy presented to the audience JUCCCE's vision of a Smart Grid in China.

According to Peggy's presentation, even though the Smart Grid concept is still in its infant stages, there has been a recent tipping point in interest. The JUCCCE China Smart Grid Cooperative creates joint international and Chinese dialogue to map out definition, best practices, and best-in-class products for China deployment. Companies such as Cisco, Duke Energy, IBM, and McKinsey have already given their support to JUCCCE for a China Smart Grid initiative.

Peggy stressed that JUCCCE's role in the deployment of Smart Grid in China is to bring all key parties to the table and communicate international business opportunities in China's Smart Grid growth. By learning from faster deployments and mature technologies, JUCCCE's China Smart Grid project can help bring down production costs and purchase prices at scale, and jointly set world communication standards.

We would like to thank Cisco for giving us the opportunity to present and share our innovative ideas at the Virtual Earth Day Smart Grid Panel.

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