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Consumer Festival Booth with KIC

This past Saturday, JUCCCE collaborated with the Knowledge Innovation Centre (KIC) to set up a Consumer Festival Booth. The Knowledge Innovation Centre is a consultant group that focuses on making new breakthroughs in the area of knowledge transfer processes. They also offer a full range of project management services. We were excited to partner with them to put together this Consumer Festival booth.

At the booth, we set up displays and showed videos about the damaging effects of coal on both the environment and the health of the Chinese people. In particular, coal produces an immense amount of pollution in Northern China because of its persistent use as a source of heating during the wintertime. Because of the enormous demand for coal, coal miners are often put in dangerous conditions and suffer from both safety and health hazards, such as mine explosions and black lung. Many people came away enlightened about the hazards of coal usage in China, and we hope that in the future China will reduce its reliance on coal.

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