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JUCCCE Distributes CFLs with Li Bingbing

This past Tuesday, JUCCCE teamed up with renowned actress Li Bingbing and Philips lighting to distribute over 100,000 compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) to multiple cities in China. These CFLs will replace incandescent lightbulbs, which are very energy-inefficient as they waste 90% of their energy as excess heat. The CFL distribution is part of our larger campaign to introduce energy-efficient lighting to China.

Associating our projects with media blitzes and celebrities easily leads to widespread support for our clean energy causes, such as installation of energy efficient lighting, that are sometimes presented under harsher lights. Li Bingbing, one of the most famous and visible actresses in China, was at the center of our media blitz. She has starred in famous Chinese-language films such as Seventeen Years as well as Hollywood blockbusters like Transformers: Age of Extinction. Not only is she popular amongst the Chinese public, but she is also dedicated to green causes, leading her to be recognized by organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and the UN Environment Programme. We are grateful for Li Bingbing’s support for our Energy Efficient Lighting program and her willingness to be the figurehead of our media blitz.

#Sustainability #CFLs #LiBingbing #Philips

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