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Building YK Pao School from Expo Pavilions

With the 2010 Shanghai World Expo winding down in a few days, many people have wondered what will happen to the pavilions afterward. Will they be demolished? Taken down and sold for scrap? Return to their native countries?

The YK Pao School has teamed up with JUCCCE and other green NGOs to launch the YK Pao Green School Showcase. Materials from a number of Expo pavilions will be re-used to build YK Pao’s new secondary school boarding school campus. The following pavilions agreed to donate their materials to YK Pao: Cyprus, London ZED, Cisco, New Zealand, Swiss Cities, India Pondicherry, UK, Portugal and Alsace Pavilions. Everything from curtains and neon lights to stainless steel railings and sinks will be taken and used in the new YK Pao school.

In addition to being built from expo pavilion materials, the YK Pao school will have the sustainability spirit seeded everywhere across the school’s 40,000 square meters of space, from classrooms and dormitories to libraries and offices. With the construction of the new boarding school, there will be a permanent physical demonstration of reuse for all students to witness.

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