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Mayoral Training Session on Waste Water

This past Tuesday, JUCCCE organized a Mayoral Training session on waste water training. The session, which brings together many of China’s mayors in a discussion about efforts to make China’s cities greener, is especially pertinent considering that China’s energy demands and carbon footprint increase day after day.

Over the past quarter century, China’s demand for energy has tripled, with industrial energy demand accounting for about 70% of energy demand in China. Mayors have a key role in deciding whether China’s cities will go green or not, since they have strong control over land use and local policy.

At the forum, attendees discussed ways to re-use the two types of wastewater, greywater and blackwater. Greywater, which is water from non-toilet plumbing sources such as showers and basins, can be used to water gardens. Treated greywater can even be reused indoors for toilet flushing and clothes washing, which are large consumers of water. Blackwater, which is water mixed with waste from the toilet, requires biological or chemical treatment and disinfection before reuse, and can be used only outdoors for subsurface irrigation.

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