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Environmental Policy Breakthroughs in China

We are excited to share news of two major policy breakthroughs that show China’s commitment to environmental progress. Our friends at NRDC are proud to report that China’s central government have finally enacted utility demand side management regulations (DSM Implementation Measures). This requires the country’s power grid companies to use a portion of their revenues to develop large-scale energy efficiency programs for factories, businesses and homes.

Coming into effect on January 1, 2011, they will force grid companies and local governments to meet China's explosive power demand growth through energy efficiency rather than more coal-fired power plants. Well done to NRDC who have been advocating for this for over a decade.

Congratulations to our friends at The Nature Conservancy whose work informed a pledge by Chinese premier Wen Jiabao to halt all loss of biodiversity by 2020 nationwide. Announced in October, the pledge was part of China's first national conservation plan in 16 years.

The goals set forth in the plan were largely based on The Nature Conservancy Blueprint for China completed in 2008 which combined their scientific expertise with on-the-ground work in China. This reminds us of JUCCCE’s work in helping China plan Smart Grid systems over the past three years, bringing together international experts and key Chinese decision makers. These examples show how relatively small NGOs can play a pivotal role at the tipping point of change, making a big impact.

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