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JUCCCE translates PlaNYC into Chinese

JUCCCE is proud to present our Chinese translation of PlaNYC, the sustainability plan for New York City. At the C40 Climate Leadership Conference in Hong Kong this November, NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg held up the translation as an example for future collaboration between cities to effect environmental change. From an initial print run of 700 copies of the translation, hundreds were given away at the C40 conference, and 55 Chinese mayors each received copies at the JUCCCE mayoral training this October. More were given away to the NYC government, with the rest earmarked for key Chinese NGOs and government organizations.

"I hope that the cities of China can benefit from this translation - just as I expect policymakers in New York City to study, and learn from, successes in China, and in the rest of the world," Bloomberg said in his C40 keynote speech.

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