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A DIY Earth Day Stage Show!

After the success of Peggy Liu’s Earth Day presentation at the Western International School of Shanghai (check it out here!) , we wanted to share the resources with you so that you can give the same presentation yourself. We believe everyone should be an expert on climate change and an ambassador for the Earth. Give this presentation to your school, friends, or family!

This presentation gets everyone out of their seats and engaged. In an audience of 75 people, each person would have an opportunity to come on stage. However, it can also easily be adjusted to suit an audience of any size.

The presentation covers topics ranging from how we are responsible for creating our climate change problem, to 3 things you can do to make the biggest contribution to the Earth, to how taking care of the Earth help take care of us, and more. With this presentation, not only will you educate people on the causes and scope of climate change, but you will also give them the tools to help fight it!

The only way we can fight climate change is if we all speak out and spread the word together.

Please share any pictures and feedback from your stage show to our twitter handle @JUCCCE, or email us at We’d love to hear how it goes!

Find the script and materials here:

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