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Fun with Kids at HeMa Supermarket

As part of our partnership with the hit reality TV show, Supernanny, we hosted a fun family activity session at a freshly opened Hema Fresh supermarket. Hema Fresh supermarkets are a reconceptualization of the traditional grocery store: shoppers can pick out fruits, vegetables, meat and seasonings and have their meal cooked, prepared and packaged before them.

Twelve families attended gathered around our activity table where they could see and interact with the “Eat a Rainbow Everyday” table cloth. This was followed by a treasure hunt in the supermarket where each child was given fruit or vegetable flashcards from our Food Heroes Rainbow Flashcards and asked to find the matching fruit or vegetable in the store. Following this was a more relaxed pen-and-paper activity and a sing-along session with our interns, Anna and Josh.

Hema Fresh immediately requested another activity session the following week and are excited to work with us in the future!

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