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Where Does My Food Come From?

On April 5, 2015, JUCCCE and Sproutworks restaurant teamed up again to teach young kids about healthy eating! This time, our theme was ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’ Kids aged five to nine and their parents all joined us from the Daning Mother’s Club.

Both kids and parents joined in to paint a colorful mural for the exterior wall at Sproutworks. Director Kimberly Wong helped the kids identify the different fruits and vegetables and where they were grown. The beautiful artwork completed lightened everything up!

For our second game, ‘Guess the Food’, we filled large bags with fresh fruits and vegetables for the kids to discover. While blindfolded, the kids had to identify all the vegetables and fruits in the bag using only touch and smell. Parents could jump in and give them hints as necessary.

Our next activity, 'Where Does My Food Grow?’ had the kids try to match food items to where they are grown. They then taped the flashcards to the right part of the poster. Sound simple? Let’s have a try: Did you know that dragon fruit grows on the tree? Did you know that chili grows on stalks? Did you know that broccoli grows on the ground? Did you know that beets grow below ground? It was hard to match all of them correctly. After their guesses, we taught the kids the answers and carefully adjusted the flashcard positions.

To reward everyone’s great answers and painting, everyone visited the temporary tattoo booth. The kids were proud to show off their beautiful A New Way to Eat tattoos. The kids were so engaged; it made us want to be kids again! At the end, we all took photos together. The kids were all tired but happy after the morning of playing games. Thanks so much to Sproutworks and especially Kimberly Wong for providing the venue, food items, and planning support. And thanks to Daning Mothers’ Club for their great support.

JUCCCE’s program Food Heroes is dedicated to changing kids’ dietary habits in China. We carry out many activities to teach kids how to eat better, and enable them to live healthy, happy lives.

(Note: A New Way to Eat is now called Food Heroes.)

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